10 Proven Sleeping Tips for Healthier Living

Do you feel lethargic all day long? Your body still hurts after trying some pain relievers? Do you wonder why this happens even after taking a good 8 hours sleep?

We have got the answer for you! Get a sound and peaceful sleep for a healthier living. Just sleeping is never enough; you have to sleep calmly and peacefully to regain all the energy that got wasted during the day.

The human body is just like a complex machine. Just like all the machines need some off time to function properly, your body needs ample sleep in the right way to stay productive. In the present day world, getting enough sleep has become a big problem for the majority of the people. With the increasing stress levels and time constraints, our sleeping quality and quantity has deteriorated.

Sleeping Baby

We need to work on this.

Sleeping pills can give you some sleep but it is not natural and they have side effects on your health. In this article, we will highlight some tips and sleeping postures that can enable you to get better sleep resulting in healthier and better living. It increases your mental health, improves your physical alertness and gives you the extra dose of energy throughout the day.

Let’s go!

You can use the following tips to improve your sleeping quality.

  • Sleeping schedule matters – it is the basic fundamental point when it comes to sleeping quality. Always stick to a fixed sleeping schedule even during off days. This will help your body develop a habit of taking enough sleep needed to relax and recharge your energy. Your mind will become accustomed to sleep and wake up during the specified time.
  • Your room environment – you need to keep an eye out for your room environment. Maintaining a comfortable temperature during your sleeping time helps in giving you a peaceful sleep. Too much cold and heat can cause you to wake up during the night. Keeping the lights level as per your ease is also a good option. Some people are disturbed by the snoring or sleep movements of their partners. You can use eye-covers, earbuds to avoid this.
  • Drain the extra energy out – sometimes you just feel so charged up that your body refuses to sleep. You can do some exercise during the daytime to tire your body out to make it sleep peacefully. Going for a run before going to bed also helps in enduring deep sleep.
  • Bedtime activity – what you do in the pre-sleep time directly impacts how you sleep. Some people like to play their favorite music and some like to read books. Others just imagine different things before going to sleep. For better sleep, stick to the activities you like. Talking to your loved ones is also said to make you happy and induce a better sleep.
  • Your bed – we complain a lot about lack of sleep yet we fail to work on of the most important pre-requisites of having comfortable sleep. The mattress and pillows play a very crucial role in enhancing or decreasing the time and quality of our sleep. If you are suffering from insomnia, go straight to your bed and check the quality if your mattress and pillows. Change your mattress if it is not in good condition. Make your pillows exactly like the way you want them to be.
  • Eating habits – Yes, you heard us right. Most of the people think that eating habits have no link with sleeping. Please be clear: what you eat and when you eat, greatly impacts your sleeping routine. Remember to take your dinner well before your sleeping time. Late night alcoholic drinks may make you sleep in less time, but that is a different story. Passing out is in no way sleeping.
  • Less daytime naps – daytime naps are good for children. For adults, they destroy the sleep you get during night. If you take a power nap, be vigilant to limit it to maximum 45 minutes. If you work during nights, you can apply all these tips during the time when you sleep.

Hang on! We have got some sleeping postures as well that can enrich your sleep and result in healthier living. A poor sleeping position can very well be the cause of sleeplessness and body pains especially the terrible lower back pain and general muscular pain.

  • Straight back and knee support – it is easy to get into this posture. Lie down straight on your back with a pillow positioned accurately to support your neck and head. Place a small pillow or cushion under your knees. This position helps you in distributing the body weight evenly along the length of your spine. The pillow under the knees provides extra support to the lower portion of your back.
  • Sideward with a pillow between knees – roll onto one side, adjust the pillow according to your comfort level, place a pillow between your knees and pull the knees slightly upwards. This position helps in giving your pelvis, hips, and spine the natural position. It can give you a healthier living by effectively reducing lower body pains and relaxing your leg muscles.
  • Baby position – this posture is simple to form. Just get into the same position as like a baby in the fetus. Remember to draw the knees to the level where your back is straight. This position enhances the blood flow while sleeping and muscles get a chance to recharge during the sleeping time.

Sleep Well and Take Care

Here is the final word from us – sleeping properly helps in recharging your body and increasing your productivity. You can try all or some of the above methods to give your body a peaceful sleep. However, if you still fail to get a good night sleep, consider talking to your doctor about it. Sleeplessness may seem trivial but in reality, it is very critical for your health.

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