The 7 Best Queen Size Bed Frames With Storage

Bed frames with storage space are ideal for those who live in small apartments where you don’t have enough space to accommodate all of your belongings. Also, these bed frames save the space of trunks, new wardrobes, and bookcases. They provide extra space either beneath the mattress or in the form of drawers. Also, various bed frames come with headboards that also feature additional open compartments for keeping books and other daily use stuff.

So, if you are planning to buy a Queen Size bed frame with storage, then finding the best one is not easy. You have to research well before entering the market. So, to save your time, we have gathered some best Queen Size bed frames that come with storage space. The list is mentioned below with the available features.

But before reaching the list, first, it is essential to know about those factors that you must consider when looking for a bed frame with storage space.

Those who have memory foam mattress they should check out this buying guide.

Buyer’s Guide

DHP Cambridge Bed frame

When going to buy a Queen Size bed frame with storage, there are some factors that you should consider. So, what are those factors? Take a look.

Storage Type

First of all, it is essential to decide what type of storage bed you need for your Queen Size mattress. Different bed frames come with different storage options. Some beds have hydraulic systems that allow you to store your belongings underneath the bed. The lid opens up with the help of the hydraulic system to provide you the open area for keeping those things that you use in years.

If you don’t like this type of storage bed, then the second option is where the frame is divided into two halves. Open one lid at a time and store your stuff. This is slightly convenient as compared to the hydraulic bed frames. But if this is also not suitable for you, then it is best to go with the one that features drawers.

But when going for the bed frames with, make sure that you have enough space available on the sides to open them easily.

There are also other things that you should consider when looking at the storage option.

Space Required:

The first thing that needs your consideration is how much space you want. If you only need to store off-season clothes, sheets, and simple small stuff, then drawers are suitable for you. But if need space to keep your suitcases or other big items, then it is necessary to go for the hydraulic storage beds or those that come with two lid option.


Along with the storage space, it is also necessary to look at how the area is portioned. If the storage space is divided into two, four, or six drawers then make sure they are spacious enough to keep your stuff. If you want to keep your jewelry then ensure that there is a small and safe partition available at the corner. Also, if you need box storage space then find out it is portioned according to your needs.


If you are selecting a bed frame that features drawers, then it is necessary to verify that you have clear surroundings to open the drawers easily.  Or if you are going for the hydraulic bed storage then keep the overhead space clear with no hanging lights.

The base of the Frame:

The base of the Queen Size bed frame also needs to be checked. Decide whether you want a bed frame with legs to have a storage portion in space or you want the complete frame resting on the floor.

Construction Materials

No matter whether you are buying a bed frame without storage or with storage, construction materials are necessary to look at. All the bedframes including the Queen Size are made with either steel or wood. There are some manufacturers that use both the materials for constructing the bed frames. So, it all depends on your choice and the furniture set you have in your bedroom. Because it is equally important to go for wooden construction if your room furniture is mostly of wood, and if it is steel, then it is necessary to prefer steel.

Both steel and wood have several advantages and disadvantages. Steel is comparatively long lasting whereas wood doesn’t make any noise with the movements. Other than this, steel is easy to reinstall repeatedly whereas wood is not.

So, before purchasing your best Queen Size bed frame, consider all these points to select the right product with the right material.


Your Queen Size bed frame also must be well supported. The wooden and metal slats play an important part in providing support and stability to the mattress. So, make sure that they are of good quality. Other than this, central metal beams provide extra support to the mattress and increase the life of the frame.


These Queen Size bed frames with storage space come with different designs. Some are a simple piece of furniture having simple and easy to open drawers for storage. Some are compatible with the headboard and footboard having additional storage compartments whereas some are not.

Other than this, different manufacturers give a lavish and elegant look to the bed frames. Various beds come with the faux leather or linen coverings along with the tufted style design. So, if your room has similar furniture collection, then you can go for these fancy bed frames. Or if simple bed frame having simple storage space is your choice, then the market is full of simple Queen Size bed foundations.

Best Queen Size Bed Frames with Storage Space

1. DHP Maven Platform Bed with Underbed Storage – Highly Stable and Durable

DHP Maven Platform Bed with Upholstered Linen

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Product Dimensions: 62.5 x 82.5 x 13.5 inches

Weight: 118 Pounds

Size: Queen

This Queen Size platform bed with Underbed Storage by DHP is one of the best bed foundations available in the market having a low profile design with a modern touch. The frame is covered with grey linen that enhances its beauty. Also, the clean lines on the grey linen fabric offer an elegant look.

The best thing about this frame is that it has a Bentwood slat support system that not only provides great support to the mattress but also offers excellent air circulation throughout the mattress. This ventilation system keeps the mattress fresh and prolongs its life. Other than this, the slats are responsible for providing excellent back support. They evenly distribute the pressure to prevent extra pressure exertion on different pressure points to provide disruption-free sleep.

If we talk about its storage capacity, then it has four roll-out drawers to keep your belongings safe and secure. These drawers are spacious that can easily accommodate your bedsheets, towels, extra pillows, books, and many other things.

It is a structure of stability and durability, so you can freely trust it. Also, there is no need for a box spring.

2. Hillary Queen Bookcase Bed with Underbed Storage Drawers – Additional Storage Space

Hillary bed frame

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Product Dimensions: 93 x 63 x 56 inches

Weight: 386 Pounds

Size: Queen

This Heavy Duty Queen Size Wooden Bed by Coaster Home Furnishings is simply a masterpiece. If we love wooden furniture, then this bed is the perfect choice for you.

The materials used in the construction of the bed frame include MDF, Maple Wood, and the Asian Tropical Wood and Hardwood. And the warm brown finish enhances the look of this great wooden structure.

The bed features 12 slats that are also made up of strong wood. They provide stability and durability and can bear weight up to 600lbs.

It comes with headboard, footboard, Queen Storage bed, and slats separately. You have to join all the wood pieces to turn it into a Queen Size Bed frame.

If we talk about its storage, then this bed offers additional storage space. There are ten drawers altogether. Two drawers on either side of the frame and the other four drawers are placed at the footboard area. And the remaining two drawers are the part of the headboard. Other than this, there is some extra space on both corners of the headboard that can be used as bookcases.

3. DHP Cambridge Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed – Gas-lift Storage Space

DHP Cambridge Bed frame

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Product Dimensions: 79.5 x 56.5 x 42.5 inches

Weight: 89 Pounds

Size: Queen

This Queen Size Bed frame by DHP has a modern, trendy, and classy tuft design. Both the headboard and the footboard are covered with faux leather having a button-tufted style. The headboard is soft but at the same time strong and comfortable enough to provide excellent support to your back and head while watching TV.

The bed frame is quite sturdy and durable. The Bentwood slats provide great support and stability to the mattress and allow you to sleep with great comfort. Also, the central beams offer extra support to the mattress and increase the life of the frame. Moreover, its legs are made up of strong wood. Looking for more sturdy bed frames? Do check out our list of heavy duty bed frames.

If we look at its storage capacity, then it has a built-in under the bed storage space. The part of the frame that features the wooden slats has a gas-lift mechanism that opens up the frame so that you can keep your belongings safe. The gas struts hold the frame firmly when it is in the open state.

Other than this, the assembly of the frame takes time. Also, you might need the help of someone while joining the parts.

4. Baxton Studio BBT6423 Queen Ainge Contemporary Storage Bed – With 2 Drawers for Storage

Baxton Bed Frame

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Product Dimensions: 87.8 x 81.8 x 48.2 inches

Weight: 184.8 Pounds

Size: Queen

This Baxton Studio BBT6423 is a modern storage platform bed that only features two drawers to store your bedsheets, books, pillows, and off-season clothes. Both the drawers are the part of the footboard. But, they are spacious enough to accommodate a lot of stuff easily.

If we talk about the structure of the frame, then it is made up of hardwood and plywood. Also, the frame features an MDF LVL slats support system. The headboard has a button-tufted design that features foam padding to provide extra comfort and back support while sitting on the bed.

It is a highly sturdy bed frame that doesn’t require the box spring support. The metal slats along with the two sturdy center beams offer excellent strength and stability. Other than this, the legs of the bed are made up of wood that supports it well.

The light beige fabric enhances the beauty of the frame. It is quite a beautiful furniture piece that fits into every modern style interior. If you prefer light colors, then this frame is the perfect choice for you.

Moreover, the frame is quite easy to assemble. The tools and the available parts are all included in the box to assemble the frame quickly.

5. Prepac EBQ-6200-3K Queen Sonoma Platform Storage Bed – Quite Wide Storage Drawers

Prepac Bed Frame

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Product Dimensions: 81.75 x 63 x 18.75 inches

Weight: 120 Pounds

Size: Queen

This Prepac Queen Size Platform Storage Bed comes without a headboard, but it is a headboard compatible product. If you want to have a headboard, then you have to purchase it separately.

It is a modern style bed frame made up of wood, but it is not as solid as it could be. But it doesn’t mean that it is not a stable, reliable, and durable product. The composite wood, wooden slats, melamine laminate, and the metal supports when combined, can bear a weight of two adults comfortably. The wooden slats are positioned in such a way that they evenly distribute the body weight for comfortable sleep.

The Rich Espresso laminate finish enhances the looks of the wooden frame. If you have Manhattan or Regency bedroom furniture collection, then this bed will easily match your collection.

If we look at the storage space, then this bed features six drawers altogether. All these drawers are easy to open. The metal slides allow the smooth and controlled opening of the drawers. Each drawer is 19 inches deep, 23.5 inches wide and 5 inches high. Also, there is no box spring required.

6. South Shore Basic Collection Platform Bed – Low Height Bed Frame

South Shore Bed Frame

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Product Dimensions: 82.4 x 63.9 x 9.6 inches

Weight: 115 Pounds

Size: Queen

This South Shore platform bed for the Queen Size mattress features a contemporary design ideal for those who prefer low height bed frames. It is a simple piece of furniture that provides excellent support to help you in sleeping with great comfort.

It doesn’t require a box spring and made up of non-toxic laminated particleboard. The assembly of the frame has been improved, but you have to take a helping hand of another person to assemble the product. Also, the tools are not included so make sure that have all the required tools before assembling it.

The corners of this bed foundation are round. It means you won’t get hurt. Also, there is a space available under the bed where you can store your clothes, bed sheets, and other stuff. The frame has the maximum weight bearing capacity of 500lbs and comes with a 5-year warranty.

You can also clean the frame easily. Take a dry cloth and wipe it thoroughly.

One thing that is bad about this frame is that mold easily covers the frame.

7. Bowery Hill Queen Bookcase Platform Storage Bed – Decent Quality Construction Materials

Bowery Hill Bed Frame

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Product Dimensions: 81.8 x 63 x 18.8 inches

Weight: 266 Pounds

Size: Queen

This Queen Size Bookcase Platform Storage Bed by Bowery Hill is last on the list. But it doesn’t mean that it is not a quality product, it is worth to buy.

The composite wood, solid wood slats, and metallic supports make this bed reliable. Also, the black laminate finish adds beauty to the frame. The wooden slats are strong enough to support the mattress well.

Its stylish modern design makes it a fit for every room décor. It comes with a headboard having two open compartments for storage on either side. Also, there is an adjustable shelf at the center.

If we look at the frame, then it is also featured with six spacious drawers to keep your off-seasoned clothes, bedsheets, towels, and other valuable things. All these drawers are easy to open. The metal roller glides allow the smooth and controlled opening of the drawers.

But one thing that is bad in this bed frame is that the materials used are not of good quality. At this price, you can get better quality materials.

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