The Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Shoulder Pain 2020 – ONLY TOP 10 Made It [Why?]

No matter whether you prefer sleeping on your right side or left side, if your mattress doesn’t support side sleeping then surely your nights are not comfortable. The most common problem the side sleepers suffer from is the shoulder and pelvic pain.

So, it is essential to use the mattress that provides excellent support to help you sleep better without having a shoulder or back pain.

But selecting the right mattress for side sleeping is not hassle-free as you have to look for various things before purchasing. Also, many companies make sleeping mattresses, so it is not possible to collect information about all the best manufacturers that make good quality side sleeping mattresses.

So, for your convenience, we are here with the ten best mattresses for side sleepers with complete features and offerings. Also, there is a buyer’s guide section that will help you in considering various factors before purchasing your ideal mattress.

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Shoulder Pain (Comparison)

 Mattress for Side Sleepers with Shoulder Pain 
Editor's ChoiceLayla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress
  • Flippable design

  • Copper infused memory foam

  • Thermo Gel-infused cover

Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress
  • Excellent edge support

  • Great motion isolation

  • Normalizes body temperature

Olee Innerspring Mattress

  • coil-on-coil construction

  • Eco-friendly

  • 15-year warranty

King Mattress for Deep Sleep
  • transitional polyfoam layer

  • Three firmness settings

  • Cooler nights

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora
  • Three firmness settings

  • high-density polyfoam

  • 10-Year warranty

Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress
  • Excellent motion isolation

  • Gel & charcoal-infused polyfoam

  • 130 lbs weight capacity

Nectar Mattress
  • Dual firmness level

  • dual-layer support core

  • Average edge support

Queen Hybrid Mattress
  • Durable

  • Excellent edge support

  • Customizable firmness

Casper Mattress
  • Combo of memory foam & polyfoam

  • Excellent edge support

  • No weight bearing noise


Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Shoulder Pain

1. Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

Layla Sleep Memory Foam Full Mattress

The Layla mattress is one of the best mattresses that you can consider for side sleeping. If you are a side sleeper, then you should try the Layla mattress for good night sleeps.

It has a flippable design that offers two levels of firmness. One side is firm, and the other side is medium soft. Sometimes, as a side sleeper, you may need more toughness, so you can easily change the side of the mattress to meet your needs.

The mattress features copper infused memory foam on both sides to provide great comfort. It adjusts itself according to the shape of the body to relieve the pressure points on the shoulders, hips, and back.

The copper used in the mattress is ideal for improving blood circulation. Also, the mattress helps to improve the spinal alignment.

Other than this, the Thermo Gel-infused cover along with the copper-infused memory foam offers cooler night sleeps. If you are not a hot sleeper, then this Layla Sleep mattress is the perfect choice for you.

It also decreases the motion transfer so that you won’t get disturbed due to the body movements of your partner. Also, it silently bears the weight and perfect for all the weight groups.

It comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Excellent durability
  • Flippable design with two firmness levels
  • Relieves pain and the pressure points
  • Isolates motion up to a great extent
  • Light in weight
  • Emits less odor
  • Normalizes the body temperature
  • Bears weight silently


  • Edge support is not good

2. Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress

 Brentwood Home Oceano Wrapped Innerspring Mattress

The second-best home mattress on the list is the Brentwood Oceano. It is made for all body types and treats the side sleepers well. Also, it is a long-lasting product that comes with a 25-year warranty.

It is a hybrid mattress that features memory foam, pocketed coil layers, and New Zealand wool. Also, the firmness level of the mattress is medium soft.

It conforms to a great extent, provides maximum comfort, and relieves a significant amount of pressure on the shoulder, neck, and spine.

The memory foam comfort system is responsible for absorbing body movements and minimizing motion transfer.

It also keeps the temperature-controlled and provides a comfortable and more refreshing sleep. Other than this, it offers great edge support, and its thick layers minimize noise when bearing weight.

But it is necessary to keep in mind that the mattress is best for the lightweight and average weight side sleepers. If your weight is more than 230lbs, then this mattress may not treat you well.


  • High-quality materials
  • Longer lifespan
  • Great motion isolation
  • Relieves great amount of pressure
  • Excellent edge support
  • Normalizes body temperature


  • Quite Heavy

3. Olee Sleep 10 Inch Cool I-Gel Foam Top Innerspring Mattress 10SM01F

Olee Sleep innerspring bed mattress

Olee Sleep innerspring mattress is recommended to the people sufferent from shoulder pain due to the hard mattress. It’s perfect for side sleepers due to the pocketed coils and a combo of memory foam with polyfoam.

It relieves certain pressure points of the body and provides better support to your body while you are sleeping on it. There are multiple firmness settings for side sleepers. It’s perfect for hot sleepers because it decreases the body temperature while you are sleeping on it. The mattress supports heavyweight people without making noise.

The mattress comes with great edge support to ensure your consistent sleep. The manufacturer offers a 15-year warranty for it.


  • Multiple firmness options
  • Eco-friendly
  • Strong edge support
  • Noiseless sleep
  • Supports heavyweight people
  • Excellent temperature neutrality


  • Less motion isolation

4. King Mattress, Sweetnight 12 Inch King Size Mattress Medium Firm, Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress for a Deep Sleep

King Mattress for deep sleep

King Mattress is also an ideal choice for the side sleepers. It comes with three layers of zone system and multiple firmness settings. You can select either plus, medium or luxury firmness while sleeping on side.

It brings relief from backache, tossing and turning. Furthermore, you enjoy a noiseless movement while sleeping on it. King Mattress is infused with gel Memory Foam to provide you best edge support.

It regulates the body temperature and pulls excessive heat from your body. The breathable mattress allows maximum airflow to regulate your body heat. 

The mattress is perfect for heavyweight people and for average weight side sleepers.


  • Four comfort layers
  • Three firmness settings
  • Great edge support
  • Absorbs motion to a great extent
  • Cooler nights


  • Doesn’t last long

5. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

 Brooklyn Bedding Aurora 13-inch Cooling Gel Hybrid Mattress

The Brooklyn bedding aurora is suitable for all types of people; light, average, and heavy. It comes in three different firmness settings so that every side sleeper can get the right sleep on the mattress.

The soft setting is best for the lightweight side sleepers for deep conforming. On the other hand, the firm setting is for overweight people to have strong support and consistent conforming.

The Brooklyn Aurora is a durable product that comes with a 10-year warranty. The thick and multi-layer comfort makes it an ideal choice for those who get disturbed due to little bed movements.

The high-density polyfoam and thick coil layer provide great edge support. Also, it doesn’t make any noise and bears the weight silently to provide disturbance-free sleep.

Moreover, the top layer of the mattress that is infused with phase-change material not only promotes blood circulation but also helps to sleep cool and calm. The air strongly circulates through the pocketed coils that keep the mattress cool.


  • Three different firmness settings
  • Durable
  • An excellent conforming ability that relieves the pressure points
  • Strong edge support
  • Excellent in temperature neutrality


  • Off-gassing may take time to dissipate

6. Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress

Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress, Bed in a Box

The mint mattress from Tuft and Needle is another best product that the side sleepers can consider. It features memory foam layer, polyfoam transitional layer, and high-density polyfoam support core with the medium-firm setting to provide great comfort to the side sleepers with shoulder pain.

It is a perfect companion for those who are not heavier than 130 pounds. The thick foam layers help to improve the spinal alignment and target the pressure points to relax them.

The mattress sleeps quietly, doesn’t produce sound when bearing weight. Also, it is best for hot sleepers as it features the gel and charcoal-infused polyfoam comfort layer and cover that keep the mattress cool throughout the night.  

Other than this, if we talk about edge support, then it is not good.


  • Durable
  • Foam layers offer even cushioning
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Silently bears weight


  • Edge support is not good

7. Nectar Mattress

Nector Bedding

The Nectar mattress is best for the average weight side sleepers. The firmness level falls between the medium soft and medium firm that is perfect for those who love to sleep on their sides.

The mattress curves well due to the memory foam and gel-infused foam construction. But the contact is not as ideal as we have heard about the memory foam beds. And, the gel keeps the mattress cool throughout the night.

The Nectar mattress may help you in getting rid of the shoulder pain along with improving the spinal alignment.

Also, it keeps the surface even because of the dual-layer support core.

Other than this, it is perfect in motion isolation and has the average edge support with excellent noise reduction feature.


  • Excellent conforming
  • Minimizes motion to a particular extent
  • Bears weight without noise


  • Average edge support
  • Not responsive for couples

8. Nolah Original Mattress

Nolah Original Bedding for Shoulder Pain Relief

The Nolah Original is a 10-inch HR polyfoam mattress that is perfect for the lightweight and average weight side sleepers. If you are overweight, then you cannot sleep comfortably on this Nolah Original mattress.

It is quite a soft mattress that features multiple layers of foam. It hugs the body closely but lacks targeted pressure relief.

In terms of durability, its performance is good, but it minimizes the motion transfer quite well.

Also, the Nolah Original mattress bears the weight quietly. It doesn’t make noise when it bears the weight of the individuals.

Moreover, if we talk about temperature neutrality, then it doesn’t make you feel cooler while sleeping. It sleeps warm throughout the night.

Other than this, its edge support is not good.


  • Good conforming
  • Minimizes motion transfer
  • Bears weight silently


  • Edge support is not good
  • Not responsive enough for couples

9. Queen Mattress- Sweetnight Queen Size Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

Queen Mattress memory foam hybrid

It comes with individually wrapped innerspring and memory foam to provide you perfect balance and support. The foam layers are highly dense to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. The gel memory foam layer adjusts the body temperature and weight according to the mattress.

Motion isolation reduces the noise while moving your body on it during sleep. The mattress comes with a luxurious quilted knit cover that’s eco-friendly and anti-allergic.

There is no harmful substance like Mercury, formaldehyde or other metals in the foam. The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. If you are unsatisfied with the product, the manufacturer offers a full money-back guarantee. It’s perfect in all Queen size bed frames such as slated base, flat, box Spring and floor, etc.


  • Customizable mattress firmness
  • Good motion isolation
  • Excellent edge support
  • Eco-friendly
  • Anti-allergic


  • Not a durable mattress
  • Not good for hot sleepers

10. Casper Mattress

Casper Mattress

The Casper mattress performs very well when the lightweight and average-weight people use it. But if you are suffering from obesity, then it may not give you all the benefits.

The mattress is made up of memory foam, and polyfoam and the cover of polyester and rayon.

In terms of conforming and temperature neutrality, its performance is good. But it is not great for sex. Also, it offers a minimal level of edge support and emits a particular odor.

But the mattress isolates the motion up to a great extent. Also, it doesn’t make noise while bearing weight.


  • Comfortable conforming
  • Minimizes motion effectively
  • No weight bearing noise


  • Limited edge support
  • Not good for sex
  • Moderate off-gassing

Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers – Buyer’s Guide

How to buy the best mattress

There are various factors that you have to consider while selecting the best mattress as a side sleeper. So, what are those factors? Take a look.

First of all, it is necessary to understand yourself. Here understanding means that you should look to your weight and then make a list of those mattresses that can give maximum support to your shoulders, pelvis, and back according to your weight. And then select the best one according to your needs and budget.

The firmness level of the mattress is another important factor that needs to be considered.

The ideal firmness range for most of the side sleepers is from 4.5 to 6 on the firmness scale. But some prefer more firm mattresses. So it all depends on your needs.  

As a side sleeper, you may only need to have proper support. Also, your mattress must contour to your body shape to provide you the required comfort. But the ideal support only a firm mattress may provide.

If you are suffering from shoulder pain, then you must buy a plush mattress that can target your pressure points and helps to relieve the pressure.

You can go for the maximum ‘medium firm’ firmness level that is 6.5 to target your shoulder pain along with supporting your neck and hips.

If your weight is less than 130 pounds, then a soft or medium soft mattress would be ideal for you. If your weight falls between 130 to 230 pounds, then the medium to medium firm mattress would be best for you. But if you are overweight, then you have to either select the medium firm or hard mattress.

Memory foam is the most common material used in the construction of the mattresses to target the pressure points and to relieve the pressure on the shoulders, hips, and spine. Its density and firmness levels vary from foam to foam.

The memory foam becomes and feels soft when you lay on it. But not every person likes the memory foam as it makes you feel like you are stuck in the middle. It causes sleep disruptions and increases body temperature.

So, it is recommended that if memory foam is not known to you, buy another mattress with different construction materials.

But to avoid losing the customers, many companies use the memory foam layer in the middle to make them feel better and more comfortable.

Other than memory foam, you can go for the latex that is bouncy and cooler material. Also, it targets pressure points and provides complete support.

Also, you can select gel memory foam to get the same memory foam benefits but with the coolest feeling.

A good supportive mattress is ideal for every sleeper. No matter whether you sleep on your back or your side, if a mattress is supportive to you, then you are in great comfort.

Earlier we mentioned that ideal support only a firm mattress could offer. But it is not true in every case. Many soft mattresses also offer great support. But before purchasing your ideal mattress, make sure that it contours closely to your body curves. Also, ensure that it supports your shoulders and hips well on different positions with excellent pressure relief.

Other than these factors, there are some other features that you should look for. First of all, make sure that your selected mattress is durable and has a good warranty period.

Secondly, try to select the mattress that isolates motion to a great extent so that you get the best night sleep without disruptions.

Also, the edge support of the mattress must be good. And the mattress must not make noise while bearing weight.  

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