What Happens if Bee Stings Pregnant Woman? – Side effects & Treatment

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. It brings along a lot of happiness, responsibility and significant changes in your life. During pregnancy, both the expecting mother and father are extra conscious about every minor detail and tend to be more protective towards everything. Having a healthy baby is one of the greatest blessings of the God. The expecting parents should take precautions to avoid any danger to the baby and the mother. Also, the body of a pregnant woman goes under numerous changes with every passing day, so one thing which may not suit her before pregnancy might favor her now and vice versa.

It is very healthy to live in greener areas and be more close to nature. It brings calmness to your personality, and your brain absorbs all the positivist around. One such danger that lurks around the pregnant woman living in greener areas is the bee sting. Most of the times the bee sting is entirely harmless to the pregnant woman, until she is allergic to bee stings, in such cases, the allergic reaction can range from a minor to severe reaction. It should be treated depending on the severity of the reaction. If the reaction is extremely critical and goes out of control or is left untreated, then it can put both the baby and the mother in trouble.

We have put in a lot of time reading the health journals and researches regarding the impacts of a bee sting on pregnant women and then filtered out all the authentic and relevant information. This information can be helpful for all the pregnant women to deal with bee stings.

How bad are the bee stings for pregnant women?

If the pregnant women are not allergic to bee stings, then the reaction will be minimal and not dangerous or anything to be worried about. The area where the bee has stung will have rashes and get itchy. The rash might hurt a lot, but it will do no further harm to the expecting mother or the baby any more than that. Having a cold bath or an ice compress could help relieve the pain and relax your body. Keep in mind to not to use the ice compress for longer periods of time without consulting your doctor.

What happens when a pregnant woman is allergic to the bee stings or is not sure that if she is allergic to the reaction? For those women, who know that they are allergic to the reaction, should consult their doctor immediately as the reaction to bee sting could be uncontrollable with home remedies and get worse. For women who are not sure of their body behavior towards bee sting are also advised to consult a doctor if the effects don’t go away in a few hours. If your body reacts unexpectedly towards a bee sting, you can go into a coma or get unconscious causing problems for the baby and yourself. If you develop symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and severe rashes after being stung by a bee, then its hard time to visit a doctor on priority. Hypersensitive pregnant women can undergo heart palpitations, have breathing problems and can faint; they should be rushed to hospital emergency as soon as possible.

These precautions should not only be taken in case of a bee sting. If the pregnant women are stung by any other insects and notice an allergic reaction, they should hurriedly see their doctor and save themselves from trouble. There are very few instances where the death of the mother or baby has occurred due to a bee sting, but it has happened. Daily Mail reported that a woman in the UK by the name of Sarah Harkins, 32, and her unborn child died due to bee stings, leaving her husband and children in grief and pain. Bee sting might be a small thing, but it should not be taken lightly if something out of routine happens to you.

Treatment for a bee sting

In most cases of a bee sting, doctors recommend Benadryl to treat a bee sting. It is imperative that during pregnancy, you should not take any medicine without consulting your doctor. However, if you are not allergic to bee stings, you can have a cold water bath and ice compress to calm the rashes and pain. You can also use Hydrocortisone cream and calamine lotion to ease out the itching. Doctors are of the view that pregnant women should not take any over the counter medication to treat bee stings as it can cause problems for the baby. Hence it is essential to see the doctor and only take medicines prescribed by your doctor.

Avoiding the bee stings

As the pregnancy is a delicate phase of a woman’s life, extreme care should be taken to avoid bee stings and other insect bites. Women should try to wear protective clothing while going outside; especially in greener areas. Gloves, hats, long shoes, full sleeve shirts to minimize body exposure can reduce the risk of getting stung by bees and other insects. Pregnant women should take necessary precautions to avoid the entry of bees or other insects in their homes. Keeping the windows closed and using insect and pest control sprays can reduce the risk of getting stung by a bee and other insects. Avoid going to the areas where there are bee nests as this reduces the chances of getting stung by bees and other insects.

Also, if your doctor has advised you some anti-allergy in case if something like this happens, always keep in with you as a first-aid.


While we all know that how sensitive women can get during pregnancy, it is vital that they should be taken care of. It is not only the duty of the women to be conscious of themselves, but the father of the baby should also play his part and make sure that exposure to insects like bees and wasps is minimized.

Overall, women do not need to be concerned about getting a bee sting during their pregnancy; if they are not exposed to places with too much greenery. Instead, they must be thinking about the cutest clothes and a pretty crib for their newcomer. However, if they have an allergic reaction or prior history of developing a reaction to bee stings, then they should be rushed to their doctor to get medical care. You are sharing your body with another person while being pregnant; you have a responsibility to fulfill; do not ignore or wait for something to heal on its own.

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