Top 3 Luraco Massage Chairs – with Zero Gravity, Heat Therapy and More

Massage chairs have made therapy and luxury extremely convenient. Gone are the days when one had to go to a fancy spa to get a relaxing massage. Luraco promises luxury, comfort and therapy with their multifunctional and intelligent massage chairs. Today Luraco is going big when it comes to robotic massage chairs. Not only the company is recognized for their amazing technological marvels, but the innovation and unsurpassed quality of products makes them stand out. They are the proud creators of the first ever ‘American made massage chair’. Their customer service is absolutely exceptional and adds to their incredibly marvelous reputation a ton.

1. Luraco iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair

Luraco iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair

Key features: Zero-gravity technology, 3D robotic system, full body heat therapy, 9 automatic preset massage programs, body swivel feature, 5 years warranty and 265 pounds.

The Luraco iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair has features which make it quite impressive as a massage chair. Being developed and assembled in the US, its incredibility speaks for itself. It has the longest S-track massage roller system, which covers all areas from the neck to the spine. The chair comes equipped with zero-gravity technology which is known to enhance the entire well being of the body. This feature causes the massage chair to recline making the user assume an astronaut like position by elevating the legs above the heart. This cause blood circulation and air entry in the body to be improved. Also, the spine and the joints experience an awakening stretch which sends the whole body waves of rejuvenation.

The massage chair has a 3D robotic system which is designed to deliver a high-quality massage to the neck, shoulders and the lower back. The chair also has an intelligent body scanner which maps the length and contours of the whole body for the delivery of a targeted and focused massage.

With the massage chair, full body heat therapy can be enjoyed with five levels of intensity. It runs on a powerful operating system and has integrated health monitoring features. As soon as the user sits in the chair, blood pressure and heart rate are automatically monitored and are perfect for people who are recovering from injuries or who suffer from ailments.

It has 9 automatic preset massage programs and unlimited manual massage techniques combinations which can be set by the user according to their preference. It also comes with an individual body part massage setting where the massage rollers can be customized to massage a specific body part. It has a unique and advanced body, hand and two position foot stretching with advanced bottom foot massage with double rollers. It has a three-layered foot and calf massager which are amazing to relieve the legs and feet after a long and tiring day. The body swivel and twist stretching technology of the i7 is one of a kind and is not found in any contemporary massage chair. The chair has 100 air cells which inflate and deflate periodically to deliver a soothing and squeezing massage, ideal for kneading out nasty knots and aches. There is a human voice response setting which can be set in seven languages making it easier for users who cannot speak or understand English fluently.

It has noise reduction technology which makes it the quietest massage chair ever and can make your massage experience extremely soothing and serene. This comfort can be enhanced by the MP3 player and built-in stereo speakers which can be used to enjoy soothing tunes while enjoying your massage.

The whole chair is covered with real genuine leather and is superbly soft to touch and extremely comfortable to sit in. The chair has a smart touch screen and an easy to use remote which puts all functions, just a touch away. It has five personal user memory settings, so the whole family can enjoy a customized massage according to their preference.


  • Zero-gravity technology
  • 3D robotic massage system
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Full body heat therapy
  • Integrated health monitoring features
  • Body swivel with twist stretching
  • Body-scan technology


  • No space saving technology

2. Luraco Legend L-Track Home Massage Chair

Luraco Legend L-Track Home Massage Chair

Key features: L-track massage roller system, Zero-gravity technology, efficient body sensor, five personal user memory settings, body stretch feature and 5 years warranty.

The Luraco Legend L-Track Home Massage Chair has some quite incredible features, which can amount to delivering an amazing massage.

It has an L-track massage roller system which extends all the way from the neck to the spine and the glutes and hamstrings. Most massage chairs come with an S-track system which covers only the spine but the Luraco Legend is better than its contemporaries.  

The chair is equipped with zero-gravity technology. This feature reclines the chair to put the user’s body in a neutral astronaut like position. When the body assumes such a position, the legs are elevated above the heart. This makes the whole body experience a rejuvenating stretch, relieving any tightness and pain in the muscles and joints. It also better air entry into the body and also enhances blood circulation, promoting the body’s overall health.

The chair has an efficient body sensor which maps and recognizes the whole body so that the massage can be delivered in a targeted and focused manner. The 3D robotic system has the latest control technology and delivers an exceptional, neck, shoulder and lower back massage.

The chair has nine automatic preset programs and unlimited manual massage combinations which can be set by the user according to need and desire. There can be custom combinations made to target a specific part of the body for a massage. The chair has a body stretch feature which makes the whole body twist gently so that the whole body’s configuration is perfected. The Luraco Legend has premium double foot rollers and a two-layered calf massager. The massages can be enjoyed at five variable levels on intensity according to the user’s preference.

The chair has five personal user memory settings, making the chair an ideal piece of machinery for the whole family. The chair has built-in noise reduction technology and lets the user enjoy their massage in a peaceful and quiet environment. To soothe the lumbar area, the Luraco Legend has a lower back heat therapy feature. This is perfect for people suffering from chronic backaches or recovering patients. The chair comes with an easy to use touch screen remote which makes all functions of this massage chair quite accessible.


  • Zero-gravity technology
  • 3D robotic technology
  • Body stretch feature
  • Body-scan technology


  • No space-saving technology
  • No MP3 and built-in speakers
  • No integrated health monitoring feature
  • No air massage technology

3. Luraco Sofy Theater Chair

Luraco Sofy Theater Chair

Key features: Made from commercial grade leather, shoulder height sensor, advanced neck and calf rollers, adjustable back recline and leg-rest angles and 200 pounds.

The Luraco Sofy Theater Chair might not be the best massage chair, but some of its features make it a decent massage chair. Being designed to be part of modern commercial and home theatre room use, this massage chair has a rather luxurious design. The chair has an advanced neck, back and calf rollers. It has a shoulder height sensor, which accurately detects the shape and contours of the neck for a targeted, focused and customized neck massage.

The chair has two pre-programmed automatic massage programs namely Soft and Shiatsu and two manual massage techniques namely tapping and kneading. All massage modes can be enjoyed at three different levels of intensity. The chair also has a lower back heat therapy feature.

The chair has an adjustable back recline and leg-rest angles which add to the comfort when enjoying the massage. It has five different user memory settings, which means that the whole family can enjoy massages with this massage chair. It is extremely easy to use this massage chair as the control feature is built in the arm of the chair. This way all functions of this massage chair are quite accessible while enjoying a massage. The chair is covered with commercial grade leather which makes it quite durable and resistant to wear and tear. However, there are no foot massage rollers to cater to tired foot muscles. But looking at this feature, the possible plus there is that there is a need to take one’s shoes off during a massage session.


  • Made with commercial grade leather which adds durability and strength
  • Advanced calf-rollers
  • Adjustable back-recline
  • Shoulder height sensor


  • No zero-gravity technology
  • No space saving technology
  • No body-scan technology
  • No air massage
  • No MP3 or built-in speakers
  • No foot massage rollers
  • No body-stretch feature
  • Only two manual and automatic massage programs


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