• I am a post-doctoral fellow; can I submit a grant application? A post-doctoral fellow can only submit a grant application if a qualified mentor is the Principal Investigator.

  • Who is eligible to be a Principal Investigator? Any scientist or academic faculty member engaged in ALS research can be a Principal Investigator. Post-doctoral fellows are not eligible to be PI’s.

  • Are Clinical Trials eligible? Yes

  • What types of projects are eligible? We will consider any project related to understanding or treating ALS.

  • Does the grant include salary? Are there any salary limits for investigators? Is there a salary cap? In general the ATA does not support salaries of PI’s although this guideline may be waived in exceptional circumstances.

  • What is the yearly limit on direct costs? Yearly direct costs are typically in the $100,000 range but there are exceptions depending on the proposal. 

  • What are considered Direct Costs? See NIH guidelines.

  • What are considered Indirect Costs? See NIH guidelines. In general, the ATA does not support Indirect Costs.

  • Our PI does not have a biosketch in the NIH format; can we send a CV instead? No – please use the NIH Biosketch format and include the pages that document Other Research Support, both active and pending.

  • I have a lot of supporting documents that I would like to submit with my application, but if I include them the application will exceed the page limit. How can I submit them? We request that the applicants stick to the guidelines as laid out under the grant submission process on the website. If you must submit supporting documents, we request that you attach them as an appendix and reference them in your application. We cannot guarantee that advisory board members will review such supplementary documents, however.

  • When will I hear if my grant was accepted? The board meets approximately one month after the grant deadline. After the board meets, the decisions are relayed to the Grant Manager and acceptance contract/denial letters are then emailed to the record Principal Investigator. Once the Grant Manager receives the signed acceptance contract from the Principal Investigator, the payment is then mailed by certified mail. The process from application to receipt of the first payment typically takes about two months.

  • How do I apply for a no-cost extension? A formal letter must be sent to our Grants Manager requesting the grant deadline to be extended and the reason why. Generally, a no-cost extension is a simple request and is usually granted.

  • I need to change the scope of the submitted grant. How do I do that? A formal letter must be sent to the Grants Manager requesting the change of scope. If the change is minor, then the request is sent to the Board Chairman for review. The Chairman will decide if this needs the Board review or if he can make the decision. If the change is major, then the request will be sent to the Board for review.

  • Do I need to send in a financial statement with my progress report? No. The financial statement is required only at the end of the grant.

  • My grant was denied. Will I be sent a review summary explaining the rejection? The ALS Therapy Alliance generally does not provide summaries of the grant reviews.

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