Clinical Trials

As part of their mission to translate advances in ALS research into clinical trials for patients, the Northeast ALS Consortium (NEALS) performs high quality clinical trials of potential ALS treatments.

NEALS also supports other projects, such as studies related to natural history, biomarkers, and the effects of ancillary treatment on disease progression.

The NEALS website lists clinical trials conducted by their organization as well as other groups. To learn more about these clinical trials, click here...>

NEALS also produces resources to help people with ALS navigate clinical trials. Learn more about the role of clinical research in the development of new treatments for people with motor neuron disease and how you can get involved.

These resources will help you better understand ALS clinical research, why clinical research is important, and if participation in a clinical trial is right for you.

In addition, NEALS owns an extensive Sample Repository for use by ALS researchers to improve understanding, prevention, diagnosis or treatment of ALS. Samples, such as serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), whole blood, extracted DNA, urine, skin, and post-mortem tissue, are stored in this repository. The NEALS Sample Repository Committee, a group of ALS researchers and scientists, evaluate each sample usage application form which includes a brief description and scientific justification for the use of the samples. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, as the committee meets approximately every other month to review applications. Applications are accepted from both NEALS members and non-NEALS members; however, priority will be given to NEALS members. Furthermore, ALS researchers and scientists from sites that participated in the collection of samples have priority over those from sites that did not participate. For more information, visit the NEALS Sample Page site here.

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