7 Best Ab Roller Wheels to Pefectly Shape your Body

Working out and getting fit is something which is being practiced heavily these days. People yearn for a perfectly sculpted and toned body. If you are someone who is engrossed in learning about tools to tone your body then, you must have heard about roller wheels. Ab roller wheels are specially designed to shape the core and carve out the abs to make you look irresistible. They make the body go through an intense core engaging workout. This not only shapes the abs but strengthens the core as well. We have compiled the best Ab wheels to help you make a decision when it comes to buying one for yourself.

Things to know before buying one

Choosing the right Ab wheel for toning and strengthening the core is crucial. Where affordability stands at an important place, it isn’t the only aspect to be considered when making a purchase. When looking to buy a roller wheel, make sure you focus on the following aspects:

1. Balance and Support

A roller wheel is a machine which when used will hold and support all of your weight. The chances of injury are greatly increased when a roller wheel is floppy and unstable. The design should be such that the wheel is balanced and firm. It should be able to not plummet under your weight but makes rolling comfortable. A roller wheel with rubber tire wheels is extremely stable and makes rolling comfortable and safe.

2.Durability and strength

A good roller wheel should be made from strong and durable materials. This wheel has to support your weight through the entire process of rolling. Buying a roller wheel made from low-quality materials comes at the cost of injury. Investing in a roller wheel made from stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic with metal is highly recommended.

3. Type

Roller wheels come in two categories, single-wheeled and double wheeled. Both have their own pros and cons. While a single wheeled one is great for engaging your core, it requires greater work and energy along with extreme stamina. The double wheeled one is the most commonly used as it is easier to operate. Double wheeled Ab wheels provide more stability, ease and are generally skid free. All these factors make them perfect for someone who is a beginner.

4. Convenience

Lastly and most importantly, only buy the Ab wheels if you are sure that they will be useful. Training on a roller wheel requires a lot of stamina, energy, and dedication. It is not an easy task and will take a lot of effort. Consider any medical conditions you might have as the last thing you want on a roller wheel is getting injured. Buy a roller wheel with padded handles to enhance comfort rather than the one with bare handles.

1. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller

Key Features: Ultra-wide spherical wheel, ergonomic padded handles, kinetic engine, assistive return spring, knee pads, and downloadable workout plan included, one year warranty and weighs 5.15 pounds.

Perfect Fitness brings to your door the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller. Its patented design with a kinetic engine transforms the way you train. The back, chest, arms, and core are all engaged when training with this Ab roller. The patented carbon steel spring mechanism provides adequate resistance when rolling out. This resistance causes an increased activation of the core and the abdominal muscles.

Most beginners face some difficulty when using roller wheels, especially when rolling back to the starting position. But this Ab roller comes with an assistive return spring. The roller wheel offers assistance when wanting to go back to the starting position. This feature enables the users to extend even farther when rolling without making the back go through extreme pressure.

The ultra-wide wheel and ergonomic handles improve stability and balance. The spherical wheel of Perfect Fitness Ab roller makes alternating between forward rollouts and pivots quite comfortable. This way all abdominal muscles including the oblique muscles are engaged to strengthen the core. The width of the wheel ensures firmness and stability when training. The handles of this Ab roller are padded which facilitates the engagement of arm muscles along with the core. The padding makes the handles non-slip and enhances balances and stability when strengthening the core. These handles can easily be removed making storage and transportation convenience.

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller has a one year warranty. High-density foam knee-pads are delivered with the Ab Roller. These knee-pads protect your knees from abrasions and stress when performing rollouts. To get things started, a 21-day downloadable free workout plan is also made available when you buy the Perfect Fitness Ab roller.


  • The wider wheel offers greater balance
  • Solid and durable design
  • Assistive return spring
  • Strap connected knee-pads


  • Does not target the lower abs
  • Does not properly align with the shoulders putting undue pressure on the wrists

Consumer Review 01

I would say that this Ab roller is a fine piece of machinery. I am a regular gym-goer and after using it once at the gym, I had to buy it. It totally transformed the way I train for core strength. Within two months I had strong carved abs. The assistive spring is an awesome feature as I feel the least amount of pressure on my back. I use it three to four times per week and have felt the need to cut down on my gym time. Just place it in front of your TV set and start rolling out while watching TV as I do. However, if you want the perfect shredded look then you need to combine this roller workout with clean and healthy eating. I would say this is something which is not for beginners as you need to have an already strengthened core to use this machine.

Consumer Review 02

I am 51 years old and had been struggling to get the perfectly carved abs like I used to have when I was young. I tried many diets and training regimes but nothing stuck around due to my busy schedule. But thanks to the Perfect Fitness Ab roller, I now can see my abs shaping up. I usually am too busy to go to the gym. This Ab roller is a godsend. For the past two months, I come home and start training my abs on this Ab roller. I can feel that my back does not feel pressured due to the assistive spring design. The first week I trained with it, I felt soreness in the abs, but once I got past that, I could feel my core strengthening. It works great on my carpeted floor and has done no damage in any way. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to have a younger and fit body.

Consumer Review 03

I am a fitness beginner and obsessed with getting a perfectly shredded core. I spent a lot of time at the gym but still wanted to train more for carved abs look. My trainer suggested I buy the Perfect Fitness Ab roller and that was the best suggestion ever. Between my morning and evening gym workouts, I use this Ab roller twice and the results are amazing. Since I was a beginner, I felt the wide wheel, padded handles, and assistive spring prevented me from injuring my back. I am waiting to achieve some core strength so that I can move to sturdier roller wheels for further training. I would suggest all beginners buy the Perfect Fitness Ab roller and then move to fiercer ab rollers.


1. Does the wheel damage floors?

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller works beautifully on all kinds of floors. The rubber coating prevents it from scratching wooden floors and no marks and impressions are seen on carpets too after use.

2. Does the roller come with a knee pad?

Depends on where you buy it from. Some rollers do come with a knee pad and some don’t. Depends on the retailer you are getting it from.

3. Does it burn fat and help lose weight?

This ab roller most definitely helps to lose weight. The ab workout strengthens the core and burns fat, reducing weight and helping your body become toned and healthy.

The assistive spring design, wide wheel, and padded handles are definitely the star features of the Perfect Fitness Ab rollers. This Ab roller can be the perfect training tool for people who are beginners. It can be a bit pricey but once you start using it, you understand that the features are worth the price.

2. Odoland 3-in-1 AB Wheel Roller Kit AB Roller

Odoland 3-in-1 AB Wheel Roller Kit AB Roller

If you want a complete Ab roller kit then the Odoland 3-in-1 Ab wheel roller is definitely for you. This amazing roller kit is a complete system which will chisel out your abs. No other Ab wheel comes with a three-wheel design like this one. The three-wheel design makes this ab roller excessively stable and enables training without the risk of injury by keeping the body-centered.

To make core strengthening easy for beginners, this ab roller has resistant straps. Also, the ultra-stable tread and leg extensions also enhance stability. The extensions make the left and right movements quite convenient which tones and strengthens the obliques as well. The resistance bands which are anti-slip are not only for core training, as they can be used alone with extended hand grips for arms training as well. The dually extended hand grips and foot straps are delivered with the roller wheel and do not have to be purchased separately.

The kit also included protective knee pads to shield the knees from bruises and abrasions while training. The handles of the roller wheel can be removed for storage and can be reattached at the time of training. A storage bay and a sturdy door anchor are also part of this Odoland roller wheel kit.

If you are a beginner and do not know how to start your workout then Odoland can help you with that too. The starter guide can be obtained by simply sending the vendor an email. This roller wheel can be used by beginners as well as advanced trainers too. Start your training with all three wheels and as you get into the routine, keep removing a wheel.

This roller wheel kit can be an excellent purchase as within an affordable price you get a myriad of accessories with the roller wheel. These accessories not only enable core training but let you enjoy a complete body workout.


  • Extra stable three-wheel design
  • Accessories offer other exercises apart from the conventional core training
  • Anti-slip resistance handles and protective knee pads reduce the risk of injury


  • Plastic wheels not suitable for bulkier individuals
  • The plastic covering has an unpleasant odor

3. Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System by Iron Gym, Abdominal Roller Wheel

Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System by Iron Gym, Abdominal Roller Wheel

The Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System by Iron Gym promises to get your chiseled and rock solid abs in no time. This Ab roller can not only tone the upper abs but the lower abs as well, a feature which the Perfect Fitness Ab roller lacks.

It is made with a durable steel coil and designed in such a manner that it makes ab training effective. The design is such that the user experiences maximum resistance while rolling forward and well as assistance when coming back to the initial position. When you are training on the Ab roller, having a strong grip is quite essential. This is why this ab roller by Iron Gym has pro-grip handles with a rubberized design.

These handles keep the body in a neutral position by correcting alignment and also prevent fatigue while training. Another benefit of the pro-grip handles is an enhancement of comfort while training. The wheel has a non-skid design which eliminates any risks of injury and also protects the floor from scratches.

Since the Speed Ab roller is a complete workout system, it can be used to tone shoulder, arm and back muscles too. Users at any level of training can make use of this roller wheel. This gives it an upper hand on roller wheels like Perfect Fitness Ab roller, which can only be used by someone who already has a strong core.


  • Quick assembly
  • Pro-grip handles enhance comfort and minimize fatigue
  • Durable steel coil and assistive return spring


  • Noisy wheel
  • The coil can be unstable at times
  • Non-durable design

4. Odoland 3-In-1 AB Wheel Roller Kit

Odoland 3 In 1 Ab Wheel Roller Kit

When talking about Ab roller sets, Odoland has various options to offer. This Ab roller kit by Odoland is a 3-in-1 kit too but this time with different accessories. It comes with push-up bars and a jump rope unlike it contemporary kit which includes resistant straps and extended hand grips.

This Ab roller wheel kit is a perfect ‘calorie burn out’ kit as it allows intense and vigorous training. The roller wheel in this kit is two-wheeled and has an upgraded stability design. Although it would not offer maximum stability like the other Odoland three-wheeled roller, it still does a pretty decent job.

This roller wheel is smaller in size and has no assistive return spring but stability is enhanced with a longer handle pipe which can support up to 800 pounds. The handle has anti-slip resistant foam all around it, ensuring a stronger grip and stable training.

The push-up bar has a detachable design along with anti-slip lines and protective rubber at the bottom. It grips the ground firmly and will not skid while you train. The user can use the push-up bar alone or with the roller wheel depending on physical strength and type of training. The length of the jump rope can be customized making it easy for users of all heights to train with it. Protective foam knee pads provide comfort and protection from abrasions while training.

Both the Ab roller and the push bar have been designed in such a manner that assembly and disassembly are quite convenient. The humanized design, amazing push-up support, and intense ab roller training make this workout kit a perfect hit.


  • 3-in-1 design
  • Stable push-up bar protective knee pads
  • Long anti-slip handle pipe which can support up to 800 pounds


  • Smaller wheels
  • Loose ab roller handles
  • No assistive return spring



The Power Guidance Ab wheel is truly a power-packed piece of machinery. The enormous wheel is perfect for training your abs and giving you a rock, solid abdomen. This ab wheel is also equipped to strengthen the back muscles without increasing the risks of injury.

The entire goodness of this ab wheel lies in the construction of it. It is made of high-quality hard plastic and steel which makes it quite durable. The wheel is coated with high-density rubber to minimize the friction when rolling out on the floor. So the Power Guidance Ab wheel will surely keep your floors scratch free while you train.

The large 2” wide wheel enhances stability while rolling out. However it is a single wheel unlike the Odoland three-wheeled roller, the width is compensatory. This ab wheel can be used by beginners and advanced trainers alike but there is a catch. Although the large wheel makes rollouts quite comfortable and stable, the wheel lacks an assistive return spring like the one present in Ab wheels by Perfect Fitness.  The user needs to have the adequate core strength to use this wheel.

The wheel has ergonomic foam handles which ensure a strong and comfortable grip and create minimal fatigue while training. The lightweight of the Power Guidance Ab wheel makes it portable and users can even carry it to the gym. It is amazingly easy to assemble and is completely noise free.

The Ab wheel comes with a set of extra thick, rubber knee pads. These knee pads, however small are quite comfortable and protect the knees from bruises and abrasions while training.


  • Sturdy plastic and steel body quick to assemble
  • Two-inch wide wheel enhances stability
  • Foam handles ensure a strong grip


  • The handles have a tendency to slip off
  • Requires a lot of core strength and not suitable for beginners

6. Sports Research Sweet Sweat Ab Wheel

Sports Research Sweet Sweat Ab Wheel

If you are someone who enjoys an intense and powerful workout then get ready to train with the Sports Research Sweet Sweat Ab wheel. This Ab wheel comes with a Sweet Sweat workout enhancer and training guide. The whole combination is full of power and strength.

This Ab wheel is three inches thick, a feature which makes it one a kind. No other ab wheel offers such dimensions. Even the two inched Power Guidance Ab wheel falls shy in front of this wide wheel. The width ensures stability and delivers unrestricted movement making training smooth.

The grips are ergonomically designed and prevent fatigue and discomfort while strengthening the core. The six inch long handles are removable which makes this roller wheel easy to transport and store. With this Ab wheel not only do you get rock hard abs, but also unmatchable protection. It is delivered with foam knee pads to cushion your knees while you train. This protects the knees and also enhances training time and core strengthening. However, the knee pad is a tad bit smaller in size and could do with additional protective restraints.

You are just a purchase away from this amazing package which not only trains the core but also provides you with a whole workout routine. It comes with a one year warranty and is quite affordable.


  • 3-inch wide rubber wheel
  • Six inch long removable handles
  • Work out enhancer, training guide and knee pads included


  • The outer edge of the wheel is curved which hinders stability
  • Does not have an assistive return spring
  • Not suitable for beginners

7. Fitness Master Ab Wheel Roller with Knee Mat

Fitness Master Ab Wheel Roller with Knee Mat

The Fitness Master Ab Wheel Roller by Fitness Master is the ultimate abdominal and core trainer. It is bound to burn away stubborn belly fat and gives you beautifully carved abs.

The best thing about this ab roller is the versatility. Users at all levels of training can make use of this machine to strengthen the core. Ab rollers like that from Sports Research and Power Guidance can only be used by people who have been training for a long time. But the Fitness Master Ab wheel can be used by beginners and advanced trainers alike.

It has an ergonomic non-skid wobble-free double wheel design which promotes stability. The handles are foam-covered and provide a strong and firm grip to prevent slippage. The secure grasp enhances security while training and minimizes hand fatigue.

The awesomeness of this ab roller is complimented by the durable material it is made of.  It is built with high-quality hard plastic and stainless steel which is why it is capable of sustaining even heavier individuals.

This ab roller is unique as it can be used against walls as well, which makes it a convenient choice for people suffering from joint diseases. Getting on the floor is not necessary with this ab roller and you can strengthen your core standing as well. This feature makes the Fitness Master Ab wheel roller one of a kind.

If all that didn’t impress you then you should know that this ab roller comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and can be replaced or refunded if there is an issue, any time you want.


  • Ergonomic non-skid double wheel design
  • Foam covered handles
  • Can be used against the wall making it suitable for people with joint ailments


  • The foam covering the handles has a displeasing odor
  • Does not have an assistive return spring
  • The steel bar is too long which sometimes hinders stability

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